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What is Charter Speed Test Tool?

Charter Speed Test is 100% free and accurate tool. This charter internet speed test tool can perform a spectrum charter speed test and can determine the Download Speed, Upload Speed, Latency and Ping. Using this easy tool you can check spectrum internet speed in one click.

Charter Speed Test for internet is used to calculate your internet connection's speed using different factors and generate a detailed measurement report about your internet connection's speed. The good thing about this charter net speed tool is it calculates real time speed and show you the progress on the dashboard.

How Charter Spectrum Internet Speed Test Tool Works?

Spectrum Charter Speed test is an accurate internet speed test tool which works and measure the internet connection speed by focusing on download, upload, latency, ping, signal strength and bandwidth. There is no flash required to run this test. Before delivering the final charter speed tests results, this free online Charter Net Speed Test Tool connects with a charter speed test server in your physical location and performs tests. To make it work, you need to press the START button.

How to Use Charter Net Speed Tool?

Click on the START button which is located above, to check the Spectrum Charter internet connection speed. You will see the numbers going up and down on the below Number box where you will see Download, Upload, Ping and Jitter results. Within few seconds, the Spectrum Speed Test tool will connect and bring the results from the server.

What should my Spectrum Internet speed be?

Normally the average results of the Spectrum Internet speed test tool are given below in table. However it depends on lot of factors to actually and correctly calculate your internet speed.

Spectrum TierDownload SpeedUpload speed
Standard Speed70-200 Mbps12 Mbps
Ultra Speed300-400 Mbps21 Mbps
Gig Speed940 Mbps35 Mbps

Top 4 Fastest Cities for Spectrum Internet Service

Here is a list of top 4 US cities for fastest Spectrum Internet Service

City Max. Advertised Download Mbps User Speed Test Mbps
Converse, TX940 mbps704 mbps
Argyle, NY940 mbps517 mbps
South Glens Falls, NY940 mbps507 mbps
Kents Hill, ME940 mbps504 mbps


How do I check my Internet speed on spectrum?

First, connect your computer directly to your cable modem or Internet router with the Ethernet cable and then Click START button which is located above.

What is considered high speed internet?

In recent times, High-speed internet refers to the download speed of at least 25 Mbps.

Why is my Spectrum Internet slow at night?

It might depends on your house household internet usage, however sometimes in night, your ISP's network may be doing data backup in your modem or router which causing the spectrum internet down at night.

Is Spectrum speed test accurate?

Charter Speed Test Tool is reliable and trustworthy and it is working in the same manners the other trustworthy spectrum speed test tools are doing. There are many internet speed test tools available on the web including fast which is also a good tool.

What if there is a line problems?

When a large amount of access is concentrated on a line, it becomes difficult to connect the line (this is called congestion). If you are using a connection line using the PPPoE method, you can improve it by changing to the IPoE method.

Problem with provider service?

Even on the same line, the speed varies depending on the provider. If you are unsure of other causes, we recommend contacting your provider directly.

In case of WiFi problem?

In the case of wireless, the communication speed may slow down depending on the radio wave condition and area. In this case, switching to wired may improve the situation.

If you have computer problems?

The speed may decrease due to "updates accumulated" or "OS is old". The former may be improved by completing the update, while the latter may be improved only by switching to a new OS.

Connected device problem?

If the router is out of order or the model number is old and the specifications are insufficient (it does not support high-speed communication), the speed will decrease. Also, using a LAN cable that does not meet the HUB standard may cause a delay. In this case, replacement is required.

About Charter Speed Test

Charter Spectrum speed test tool allows you to test the internet download and upload speed of your home internet.